Sunday, October 23, 2005

2 Things. Which Actually, under further, and somewhat closer examination, actually become 1 thing. (Which kind of gives away the ending, but hopefully

So, it's late, but I have coffee coursing through my veins, and what better to do but put an entry in this blog.

As I write this, i'm reminded of two very important things.

1) Today (well, actually yesterday, but no-one ever let the truth get in the way of a good story) is the 2nd anniversary of Elliott Smiths passing. Why do I care, and more succintly, why should you care? Only because Mr Smith was one of the greatest proponents of sad,depressing,despondent (insert synonym here) music ever! The moment that really highlights this for me, is in the movie "The Royal Tenenbaums" (if you have'nt already seen it, you could do worse than seeing it. Of course, as i'm not a highly opioniated critic, who believes everything they say should be gospel, I frankly don't really care one way or the other). So Elliott Smith's "Needle In the Hay" plays over a very emotional scene, and perhaps in that moment, I became a great (as opposed to a cursory) fan of Elliott. So perhaps, 2 minutes of silence for him. Or even better, listen to any Elliott Smith song, and think about his passing (in a, who's going to replace him, kind of way. I mean, who to listen to now, when it all becomes too much?)

(oh and btw, check "twilight" from his 'from the basement to the hill" posthumous album. its suitably sad)

2) Actually, there wasn't really a 2nd. Although, for the interests of truthfulness, and all that, i'll make something up. Err... Well, how about this weather? Umm, oh that's it. Not the weather, but that... Ok I have completely forgot. It's the absent mindedness again.


Blogger Strange Little Girl said...

I agree with you, what a loss to all Elliott Smith's fans. Have you heard Damien Rice? I think he owes *a lot* to Smith, in terms of style and influence.

Have a great day.

11:19 pm  

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